Commission studio

A commission is a special kind of painting created especially for a recipient who has a particular image or idea in mind: for instance, a family portrait. On the other hand, the client may have a few photographs to choose from, or just a sense of the idea they want the painting to portray. In that case, the recipient and I communicate back and forth to settle on a particular photo or reference idea before I create the painting.

For a full list of commission options, including price, size, color and medium, please click here: Commission Prices & Options. I understand that artwork can be a big investment; for this reason, any commissioned project can be budgeted into a payments separated by months so as to make the cost less of a burden. Feel free to contact me about your project idea, with no need for commitment.

A commissioned painting can be a personal gift, a unique decoration for the home, an illustration for a book, a way to memorialize an occasion through art, or all of these things.


Personal symbolism


This painting was created for a pianist in the spirit of her beloved piano teacher mentor, who passed away. The painting was extremely personal for both of us, because the piano teacher, Arlene, was my mother. She wanted a small scene which was in the spirit of Arlene, who in addition to piano work loved to cook in the family’s traditional Italian style. We eventually settled on the themes of a gleaming warm palette and the subject of fresh tomatoes, a timeless ingredient that honored Arlene through the tomato sauces she made on countless occasions.

Cheerful abstraction


The recipient of these paintings wanted to bring a vibrant, happy energy to her living space after she overcame a stressful moving situation. She did not have a specific subject in mind, but instead just an abstract mood. She loves flowers and themes relating to nature, as well as the color orange, so we eventually settled on portraits of two flowers seen up close, confronting the viewer with a swirling exuberance of shapes. The project was originally planned to be a diptych, with the orange dominated piece hung above the magenta. However, upon experimenting with installations together, we both agreed that the paintings installed better alone, as shown. It was serendipitous because the cooler hues in the magenta painting seemed to harmonize with the bedroom’s walls.

The loving memory of a child


This painting was commissioned by a relative of a mother whose son lost his life as a result of a senseless act of violence. For this family, the piece was received as an act of memorialization and healing. The young man who gave the gift is a colleague and friend and it was not only looking at many pictures of Cion, but our conversations along the way to the piece’s completion that caused the story to become personal to me as well.


A landscape for an shoreside home



Right landscape

Right landscape

The recipient of this painting had an idea of two ocean landscapes which hung side by side and appeared to form one continuous landscape of the ocean. We exchanged thoughts and images before concluding on a late afternoon as the setting for the scenes. The vision was to add a happy view of the shore into the routine of daily life. Unlike in the the case of the other commissions on this page, the decision on frames was collaborative as well here. We settled on white to bring out the colors of the ocean while electing modern instead of rustic material (such as a driftwood frame) and favoring simplicity over decoration for the frame’s level of embellishment.